Ancient Chinese astronomy comes to terrifying life in Ancient Gods

Representing the four quadrants of the night sky and four of the five elements, the Green Dragon of the East, the White Tiger of the West, the Black Snake Turtle of the North, and the Red Fire Phoenix of the South bring their legendary strengths to your game.
The Green Dragon, wood, is the bringer of wealth and good fortune. The White Tiger, metal, is your protector and defender against bad luck. The Black Snake Turtle, water, ensures the longevity of your playing time and the wisdom of your game choices. And the Fire Phoenix, fire, brings you good luck.
And the fifth element, enter the Yellow Dragon, earth – a zoomorphic incarnation of the Yellow Emperor of the centre of the universe – patiently nurtures your ambition while bringing together all of the other essential elements for your success.
The Yellow Dragon, containing all of the other elements, is naturally your Wild symbol, and gives you two free games with every appearance of it or the Golden Medallion. If four of those Golden Medallions appear to trigger your free game, your free spin prizes will double. With five, your winnings triple.
Ancient Gods is a five-reel, 25-line game encompassing the Yellow Dragon’s stabilizing and conserving energy, making it naturally a medium volatility game. And pays up to 7,500 times per bet per line.
With that kind of payout, the world–and the sky—could be yours


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